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Microsites and SEO: Do or Don’t?

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Microsites, either single or multiple pages, are standalones that are usually dedicated to specific events or topics. You might, for instance, create a microsite around a holiday, such as the history of Christmas, or how different cultures celebrate, or what this year’s best gifts are. You might create a microsite around a new campaign you’re launching. In terms of SEO, though, are microsites a good idea?

Notice we said, “In terms of SEO.” Microsites are not inherently bad, nor do they lack value. In fact, this is often where website owners will put new, relevant content. That is exactly why, though, they’re not so hot for search engine optimisation. When you create a microsite, you are creating a standalone that has no authority. There are no links to it; it does not have a history. It is an unknown to Google and will be placed in the SERPs accordingly. The microsite, in other words, is not benefitting from the authority and reputation of your main site.

Conversely, your main site is not benefiting from the valuable, new content that is hosted on the microsite. Let’s go back to our example: if we are a retailer who has created a microsite around Christmas gifts, we are passing up a big opportunity. This is exactly the type of content to which Google wants to direct searchers. Top 10 Gifts, What to Get Him/Her, etc. are SEO gold. Why not use the gold to help your main site?

If there is a reason you don’t want certain content to be associated with your brand, then go ahead and create a new microsite. If there’s no reason, why not let your content work its hardest for you?



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